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The Queens Children's Zoo

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"New York City Zoos" by Joan Scheier

Chimp and Keeper Chimp and Keeper Chimp and Keeper Chimp and Keeper
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The Queens Children's Zoo

"Nowhere does the union of play and learning exemplify itself more than at a Children's Zoo. As a child, growing up in New York, I remember the excitement of the next animal exhibit along the path. Always thinking "Which animal is in the next one? What will the animals be doing? Are the keepers there for a feeding?" Typically last, but not least, there was the wonderful interaction in the petting area where I got to experience the joy of being a licked by a goat. So go ahead and take the kids to one of the New York City's great zoos and be sure to stop by the children's zoos that have been part of the zoos since the 1940's. It will never be so easy to have some fun while your child learns."

Allen Esses

Children's Domestic Area At Queens Zoo

Feeding the animals is all part of the fun at the Children's Domestic Area at the Queens Zoo. Keepers are there to to explain about the animals and their nutritional needs. Children are also shown the correct way to approach an animal to pet it.

Children's Domestic Area

Numbian Goats: Simon And Garfunkel

Queens Zoo visitors are delighted with the newest additions to the Domestic Area, two Numbian goat kids, named Simon and Garfunkel. This is in recognition of two famous former residents of Queens, Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon.

Numbian Goats

The New York Aquarium's Life Size Walrus

The aquarium has no specific children's area but it does have many interactive exhibits such as a touch pool that contains horseshoe crabs, starfish and other aquatic animals. Others exhibits allow you to compare your electric energy with an electric eel. Here is a young visitor examining the tusks of a plastic life sized walrus.

Aquarium's Life Size Walrus

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